Performing poetry

Part of the Year 2 Curriculum is to perform a poem.

Miss Carroll and Miss Bygrave were very impressed when all of the children performed their poem that they had learnt for homework.

We had lots of different poems which included poems about glasses, pugs, popcorn, dinosaurs and naughty parents.

Here are some pictures showing the children performing.                     

Lights, Camel Action!

The children have all been working so hard rehearsing for our Christmas production. They cannot wait to show off their talents and entertain you.

The children were given their tickets and you will need to present these to gain entry on your chosen day.

We hope you enjoy it!

Healthy eating

In science we have been learning about healthy eating and leading a healthy life style.

The children all learnt about the different food groups and made a meal with a food from each group.

Here are the different food groups:

The children also investigated about their bodies when the are resting and after they have exercised.

Florence Nightingale day

We had an exciting day learning all about Florence Nightingale.


We were very lucky and had a special visitor in who taught us lots of interesting facts about Florence.

Did you know that Florence was know as the lady of them lamp?

We created freeze frames to show different times in Florence’s life.

We all had a great day!